Monday, July 24, 2006

Senior Java Developer, UBS

I have started working at UBS, Opfikon, Zurich, Switzerland. I have been significantly impressed with the IT department I have been assigned to, for a number of reasons:

Europstrasse 2, originally uploaded by markyjones.

(1) openness to new approaches / ideas! with a new project in scope, there has been open discussion about the technologies to implement, design patterns to use, etc.
(2) egoless developers who are involved in design, and architects who develop! a strong core set of senior developers who are professional, adept and continuous learners; most technical issues have been dealt with a fair amount of common sense
(3) good collaboration; use of online chat is pervasive; so instead of meetings, online chat, with multiple people is encouraged - this works suprisingly well especially when dealing with teams offshore (e.g. India)
(4) a license for IntelliJ v.51 and v6 - hello world!
(5) ability to stream the TDF to one of my 2 monitors; too good

Will try and post a better photo in some time ;)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Contributing ...

Well, I have started a software engineering blog that I will use for contributing to the software engineering industry of which I currently work in. I constantly use other people's blogs and the technical notes that they put in them. This is what I aim to do in this blog and hopefully I will progress and refine my own software engineering skills.

This is not my first attempt, but now having been able to maintain my personal blog for a couple of months, I am confident that my work, my readings, and my own research will produce a blog entry or two. So here we go (again)!