Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WSAD and Maven - playing together

Ok, from what I could determine the latest (and now no longer supported IBM's WSAD) is akin to a 2.1.3 Eclipse build (just for those people still tied to this IDE). To integrate Maven with WSAD, follow these steps:

WSAD (requires a project to have a Maven project file, ie. project.xml)

  • Select Window / Preferences
  • Select Java -> Classpath Variables
  • Select 'New'; type MAVEN_REPO for name; and location of the Maven repository for path (specific to the view of each developer)
  • Go to the project's location; checkout the .classpath and .project files type maven eclipse (this will generate the accurate classpaths according to the Maven project.xml descriptor).
  • 'Refresh' your project space; you will notice that under Properties -> Java Build Path that all libraries have been updated with the Maven repository (and not hardcoded)
No more hardcoded libraries and one can check in the .classpath, and .project files for a seamless, defined, development environment.

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